Frequently Asked Questions

Air Cargo Charter

What type of cargo can you fly?

At Arcus Air Logistic we can fly any type of air cargo, from general cargo packed in boxes, as pallets or as rolls up to the more delicate issues of dangerous goods (DGR). Regardless of the cargo that you need to transport, we can provide the most suitable solution for your needs.

Do you offer cargo part-charters?

We do not provide cargo part-charters, we focus on your shipment and your shipment only.

What information do you need from me to process a quote?

To provide you with a tailor-made air cargo charter quote we will need the following information;

  • Where is the pickup location of the cargo? (Postcode)
  • What is the destination of the cargo? (Postcode)
  • What are the dimensions, type of packaging and weight of each piece (please provide quantity, volume and weight)?
  • When is the shipment (including paperwork) ready for pickup at the consignor and what is the latest time of arrival at the consignee.
  • If the commodity is classed under the air cargo Dangerous Goods Regulations, please provide the UN number. Full DGR paperwork must be provided by the consignor.

What does the service include?

Cargo charter flights include only the air charter flight itself. If a door-to-door service is booked then pickup, delivery and ground handling is included. Please be aware that customs is not included.

Special loading equipment for smaller air cargo charters is generally not needed, however, we can provide a tailor-made solution depending if it’s necessary for the shipment.

What is the time schedule? How fast can you move our shipment?

The time schedules are usually dependant on the individual air cargo charter requests, offers are approximately produced after 15 minutes. If customs, landing rights and other information is needed it might take a bit longer. Road pickup of standard cargo is generally arranged within one hour after booking.

What is the difference between “door-to-door” and “road-express-service”?

A road-express service is a delivery only by road, a door-to-door service means an additional service that is added onto an air cargo charter.

What is the maximum possible capacity, range of helicopters?

The capacity depends on your cargo. A sensible limit to the use of helicopters is about 400 km. On longer distances the higher speed and range of aircraft makes their use more efficient.

What are the opening hours of the airports?

That differentiates highly. Only a few airports operate 24/7, but a lot can be opened on request, the so called PPR (prior permission required).

Do you operate with your own fleet? What types of aircraft do you use across your own fleet?

We operate an own fleet of Dornier 228 aircrafts and additionally use all kinds of helicopters and aircrafts ranging all the way up to AN124 for air cargo charter, all depending on your needs.

Are you available 24/7?

Yes, we are even available 24/7/365.